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Delinea Publishing’s vision is to bring cool, new books and media to life. Focusing on unique  creations, Delinea Publishing seeks to produce exciting entertainment in e-books and printed books and video formats.

Current Projects

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Templar Rising. The modern Knights Templar aren’t dusty legends trapped in the pages of history: they are a modern, high-tech and super-powered special force!  Join them in an epic battle with evil intergalactic marauders the Daimonites to protect the home world and preserve Templar legacy. Coming Fall 2019!

The Get Into series of guides to getting started in new interest and hobbies. Want to explore the world of wine?  Taste your way through whiskeys?  How about collecting local artworks? The The Get Into series offers step-by-step guidance, tips and tools from leading subject matter experts.   Coming soon!