business man hand touch on tablet computer virtual business procThese selected projects represent engagements requiring a variety¬†of Delinea’s core capabilities. Contact us to discuss how Delinea can help your organization.


  • Facilitated and led development of new brand identity and logo for U.S. Air Force Medical Service Force Health Protection branch

Portfolio Management

  • Established and managed medical R&D portfolio management capability for the U.S. Air Force Surgeon General
  • Developed processes, tools, and governance policies
  • Developed and managed ongoing strategic portfolio reviews for $130M portfolio
  • Developed and supported project selection
  • Conducted periodic financial analyses
  • Produced annual portfolio reports

Marketing & Communication

  • Developed and implemented communication plans for U.S. Air Force Medical Service Research & Development Directors
  • Revised marketing strategy for Coker Innovation Company, L.L.C.

Strategic Planning

  • Developed strategic plans for U.S. Air Force Medical Service Research & Development directorate

Technology Commercialization

  • Developed and implemented marketing and logistics strategies for two international device manufacturers
  • Developed 26 high priority medical device requirements for three USAF Major Commands